For the past ten years Amy has been heavily involved in the Health and Fitness industry.  She has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Simmons College where she received the prestigious Ruby Winslow Linn Scholarship.  During her tenure at Simmons she was President of the Simmons College Nutrition Liaison.  Currently, Amy is completing her Dietetic Internship at Mount Auburn Hospital.  Upon completion of the internship she will continue to pursue her Registered Dietitian accreditation by taking the required examination.

Amy is a member of the American Dietetic Association, the Massachusetts Dietetic Association, the Student Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Food and Culinary Professionals Practice Group, and Vegetarian Nutrition Practice Group.  She also holds a certification as a Personal Trainer.

Amy enjoys writing about nutrition.  She has been published in Women’s Health, Teachable Moments (nutrition newsletters for children), and the Vegetarian Barbarian Blog sites have featured her nutritional and fitness expertise.

Amy’s unique background in business, marketing, programming, personal training and nutrition have attributed to her very realistic approach to health and fitness.  She’s had a desk job; she understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a sea of free food and poor posture.  This was the original inspiration for her reeducation and career change from desk jockey to personal training and nutrition coaching.

Between interning at Mount Auburn, writing a variety of articles, answering Diabetes questions for and volunteering, she is also an avid paddler and coach for a local Dragon Boat team in Boston with her husband Scott.  They enjoy cooking together and creating new and inventive vegetarian recipes.  She has also competed professionally in Ballroom Dancing, Fitness & Figure modeling and martial arts.

Amy’s goal and passion is to provide her clients the information (scientifically based of course) and tools that they need to make smart, realistic nutrition and fitness solutions for life.


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