Who the VB are We?

The Vegetarian Barbarian(s) live in scenic Arlington, Massachusetts. We believe in eating a fresh, local, sustainable, and a whole-foods based diet. That explains the vegetarian. We’re also both fitness fanatics! A few years ago we decided we’d like to try and create our own protein bars to save money and use the ingredients we felt comfortable eating. After exhaustive research and tireless effort we created our popular VB Bars. Now, we’re the Vegetarian Barbarians!

Originally the bar experiment was all about Amy. She is an long-time personal trainer, Fitness/Figure/Bikini Competitor and a graduate of Nutritional Science (R.D. designation planned for end of 2011). Amy has been featured in Women’s Health. During “in-season” she has extremely strict dietary requirements. The approved food list does not include the currently available protein bars on the market (preservatives, sugar or sugar derivatives, and poor nutritional balance).

Scott just prides himself as being clever in the kitchen.

We found it very complicated to balance the nutritional needs and flavor/texture requirements out but eventually we struck gold.

No, being a vegetarian does not make it impossible to get enough protein. It does however become a lot easier when you eat protein supplements. When we removed the store bought protein bars we found ourselves in an unexpected deficit. The food bars marketed to vegetarians and vegans were either made with a sticky date/fig base, loaded with sugar or they just lack an appropriate amount of protein. More importantly – we felt unsatisfied after eating a whole bar and it was quite an investment in calories.

We felt as though we created a great balance.

Our bars are baked, have zero preservatives (refrigeration required!), sport moderate calories (200 or so) that are very satisfying. Nutritionally speaking, they are chalked full of good fats, all essential amino acids and just plain tasty goodness. What’s important when you’re eating? To us it’s taste, texture and scent – we have you covered!

A few years ago we couldn’t imagine having this available to us – let alone having this available to anyone else who has been searching for the same thing!

Currently, sales of our bars are on hold until Amy finishes her Dietetic Internship. In the meantime she is answering questions on all sorts of topics. Feel free to email Amy or Scott for additional details, nutrition labels, available flavors or just to say hi!

Thanks from The Vegetarian Barbarians,

Amy & Scott


  1. Easy Turbo says:

    I LOVE the postings and blog. And this page – “Who the VB are we?” – is awesome. I love the title, love the info and love, Love, LOVE the picture you get when you click on the “being clever” link. Hysterical!

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