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The Vegetarian Barbarian – a little story and a little background

Posted: September 22, 2009 by The Vegetarian Barbarian in Company Information

The Vegetarian Barbarian – Our Story.

Like a lot of feverishly clean eaters, we’ve always struggled to find a supplement bar that worked for our dietary requirements. We would often stand in the “Naturals” section of our local grocery store and read the labels to each other, rattling off the deficiencies in each bar:

“This thing has 400 calories? I guess I could eat half of it”
“This is perfect except there’s no protein, but I do like dates…”
“What’s phenolmaltoexodextromaxtrin again?”
“Hey, this propriety blend only has 80 ingredients, that’s not bad”

There are lots of options but not one of them would satisfy our dietary requirements. The Vegetarian Barbarian was born out of exactly this problem:

My wife and co-owner is a Fitness Competitor and her dietary requirements have a tendency to be very strict especially around competition time ( There are no protein bars allowed during training because of the processing and preservatives. Frankly, we really enjoy protein bars in our lives. They are something of a guilty pleasure because we don’t eat candy or sweets; we don’t even drink specialty coffees. We basically steer clear of any added sugar. But a protein bar… a chocolate covered, wafers, jelly filled… wait, what I am describing again? 

At Vegetarian Barbarian we have a theory: Companies are trying to make protein bars and candy bars nearly interchangeable. We decided late in 2007 that someone needed to get back to the basics and create a bar that all athletes are hopefully craving just like us. A clean supplement bar with a really nice texture and a flavor that actually mimics what the wrapper says.

The goal: Create a protein bar for my wife to eat, that’s accepted, during her training.
The problem: Using an extremely limited list of accepted ingredients that satisfies our dietary requirements
The solution: Time, effort and a lot of unfortunate friends who taste-tested early on

We never fully destroyed the kitchen during the 18 months of co-development. We did however learn a lot about food, baking and science. In the end with a combination of dumb luck and shear determination we are now able to bring The Vegetarian Barbarian Mini Loaf to other athletes who are in search of a great protein source.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our little loaf.


Welcome To Vegetarian Barbarian!

Posted: September 15, 2009 by The Vegetarian Barbarian in Company Information

The Vegetarian Barbarian(s) live in scenic Arlington, Massachusetts. We are a young married couple who eat what we term a clean, plant-based, whole-foods diet. A few years ago we decided we’d like to try and create our own protein bars to save money and to clean them up a little (too many long words in most bars). After reading a ton of labels, researching on the web, asking a lot of questions it became apparent: there was nothing that we could buy to satisfy what we wanted.

Originally the bar experiment was all about Amy. She is an long-time personal trainer, Fitness/Figure/Bikini Competitor and currently a student in Nutrition (2010). Amy has also been featured in Women’s Health. During “in-season” she has extremely strict dietary requirements. The approved food list does not include the currently available protein bars on the market (preservatives, sugar or sugar derivatives, and poor nutritional balance).

Scott just prides himself as being clever in the kitchen.

We found it very complicated to balance the nutritional needs and flavor/texture requirements out but eventually we struck gold.

Frankly, eating a largely vegetarian diet does make it difficult to get to our personal protein goals. When we removed the store bought protein bars we found ourselves in a much bigger hole. Most of the supplement bars that we found which are marketed to vegetarians and vegans were either made with a sticky date base, loaded with sugar or they just lack an appropriate amount of protein. More importantly – we felt unsatisfied after eating a whole bar and it was quite an investment in calories.

We feel as though we have created the perfect solution.

The VB Mini Loaves are a really baked, have zero preservatives (refrigeration required!), sport moderate calories (200 or so) that are very satisfying. Nutritionally speaking, they are chalked full of good fats, all essential amino acids and just plain tasty goodness. What’s important when you’re eating? To us it’s taste, texture and scent – we have you covered!

Two years ago we couldn’t imagine having this available to us – let alone having this available to anyone else who has been searching for the same thing! From time-to-time, as we build the business we will be blogging our adventures (, both good and bad.

In the meantime feel free to email Amy or Scott for additional details, nutrition labels, available flavors or just to say hi!

Thanks from The Vegetarian Barbarians,

Amy & Scott